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Operation Filtering, Searching, etc. (UI/UX Suggestion)

Still love a lot of the changes, but there are some areas that feel a lot less user-friendly. Namely: assigning and reordering operations.

I made this suggestion a while back on Discord and here when I was in the TSM 4 Beta, but was told both places weren't the place to make suggestions to TSM 4.... anyway, I had forgotten about it until now, and whipped up a quick mockup.

The way I described it was: copy your existing item assignment UI and apply it to Operations (with some tweaks).


I made quick mockup that you'll notice is just the item assignment interface, but with arrows!

Heh... still, I feel this would be a HUGE UX improvement, allowing for filtering and rearranging of operations without having to, as we currently do, remove all operations and re-add them, if we want to make any changes, or insert a "stack size" somewhere in the middle.

I love you guys, I do! It's just that not allowing us to easily change operations just feels like an unnecessary feature removal, and I feel like you already have an awesome new UI component to take advantage of to improve upon it!

Now, I've thought about this a bit more, and I don't think it should be just a tab that you select like the items, but it could pop up as it's own window... that way you could perhaps reuse the UI that allows filtering for things like linking Operations to other Operations (also currently very inconvenient if you have many Operations). That one wouldn't need the left/right sides or up/down arrows, but could still have the filter for you to search.

Apologies for the rambling, I hope this all makes sense and that you'll consider this UX suggestion. Thank you!

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  • Lurker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I wanted to come back and be a bit more specific to the guidelines of suggestions, so... another wall of text coming, sorry!

    Also, thank you to those of you who have already supported this suggestion... if you really want to see it, ask others to come and vote for it, please! I also welcome any feedback or criticisms from users and devs alike.

    - What shortfall are you trying to solve in the current functionality of the addon?

    Several things:
    1. The ease of adding, changing, and reordering Operations assigned to Groups
    2. The ease of linking Operations to others
    3. Possibly also removing the need for an arbitrary limit on the number of Operations assigned to Groups.

    - What new functionality do you hope to attain with the addition of this feature?

    1. In the case of assigning, changing, and reordering Operations, TSM3 felt more user-friendly, if you wanted to change an Operation you just had to select the dropdown and change to a new one. It was still a bit clunky if you wanted to, say, reorder stack sizes, but you didn't need to completely remove an Operation in order to change it.

    2. In the case of Operation linking, now, I concede that I may be missing something, but this again feels like a step back from TSM3. In 3, you could "mass assign" links, then change as-needed. If this feature exists in TSM4, and I am simply unaware of it, I apologize! If it does not exist, then this feels like something that should be added back. In addition, the current UI that requires you to scroll through your entire list of Operations is, at least to me, undesirable... and yes, I realize this was how it was in 3, but at least the mass-assignment option was there and you may have only had to scroll through a few lists instead of all of them. This is made a little extra clunky by the fact that there is no current way (again, that I am aware of), to set a "default" tab for Operations, and any time I link an Operation it resets the tab.

    3. In the case of possibly removing arbitrary limits on Operations, I do first very much so appreciate the increase that we did receive, so thank you for that. On that note, however, I still feel there are cases to be made for allowing us to assign however many Operations we wish to (possibly still within limits). This would in no way negatively impact a new user, and in fact the UI may actually improve their experience, while allowing power users much more... flexibility, shall we say?

    - How would you or others use this feature? (perhaps the most important question - please provide SPECIFIC use-cases)

    1. All users (but new users especially) would have a much easier time assigning, changing, and reordering Operations. They are already familiar with the item assignment UI, so it should not hinder them, and would really make it easy to assign multiple Operations at once, even!

    2. Again, although new users may not be as aware of or use Operation linking, it would nonetheless make things easier for ALL users to have a similar interface for linking, especially if there is a link-all feature. This interface could probably be simplified to just a filterable list, since only one operation can be linked to any one part at a time, but just having a search box would really, really, really be a huge improvement to *anything* that involves Operations! :)

    3. The case for more Operations per Group. Let's say you have a stackable item, of which there are SEVERAL, and you want to post at a number of different stack sizes. Yes, the current functionality allows that to some degree, but is still rather limited. Say, in this example, the item stacks all the way up to 200, and there are 10 recipes requiring different stack sizes (not *super* likely, but possible), and I also want to post in a few other standard, and non-standard stack sizes. Now, what if I wanted to add some extra "stack size times X" Operations, or some price variant Operations? Adding these all one-by-one? Yikes! Needing to re-order them for any reason? DOUBLE YIKES! I feel like this UI change would fix multiple problems at once, and possibly give us some new functionality.

    Anyway, that's it (I think), whew! Just wanted to be thorough, and to say that all of these aren't so much complaints as requests to make my favourite addon even better, not just for me, but everyone! :D

    Finally, I want to say thank you to all on the team who have made TSM4 a reality; I really love a LOT of the new features, and probably at least 95% of the other changes! :P

  • Amgrod commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'll second this, and also add sorting by column header, and the ability to resize columns, in all screens, but chiefly the main auction house form. You can resize the overall form, but the only column that changes width is the Item Name column. It'd be great to be able to resize the other columns as well!

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