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TSM Error window is too obstructive

The current error window is too obstructive to normal gameplay, obviously we'd prefer no errors but sometimes they do happen, and for example, scrapping was completely impossible without TSM disabled before that bug was fixed as the error message sat on top of my inventory and obstructed clicking items. The popups not being able to be ignored or hidden at least temporarily is horrible, getting one while in an instance is very frustrating.

I feel this issue is easily solved by any or all of these suggestions:

1) Reduce opacity to like 70-80% so I can at least see what's behind the window, possibly make more of it click-through too.

2) Make it interactive and thus easily movable to the edge/offscreen.

3) Make repeated errors suppressible/ignored after the first time you click "done" or at the very least hidden until the end of combat.

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  • Adri Villafañe commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Example 2:

    You forget to (or don't need/want to) start the desktop app, enter game, get in queue for battlegrounds.
    As soon as you enter BG, an gigantic window pops up, asking you to describe whatever you were doing before it popped up.
    You fill the description, wasting time in a fight, and when you click DONE, it pops up again, and again, and again.

    This should not pop up while you're in combat, or in a battleground.
    This should be a dismissable window, not a fixed one.
    This should be (at least) movable.
    This should be resizable or if not possible, at least a lot smaller.

    Nobody is going to be checking auction house prices while in a battleground.

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