My feature suggestion is...

QoL Improvements, Imho :)

-Mouseover on all textfields to adjust counts in them, also +- arrows, for some.. Clicking the field, deleting 1 and replacing with 2 is so much slower, than.. anything else..
-Collapse all
i was thinking a rightclick on a specific (sub-)group would collapse it immediately, it’s super not user friendly to scroll that much through groups..
especially when there’s not:
-an option after import to NOT jump up to the base group, but remain on the previous spot (crafting group, after every import of each prof you have to re-select a group “crafting” ( to import another prof into) and collapse the previously imported one nanually one)
i don’ wanna be rude, but that’s like you didn’t even test it, how uncomfortable to work with it is.. sorry
-also, why differentiate between groups tab and import.. after inport you want to move group or rename w/e? switch tabs, that takes time, then go back to import..
-also, a way to disable the export output to go back to export dialog, no to switch to import again(which takes time) to go back to export....
-shift-click on an item in sniper window won’t try to select auction, Iam not trying to buy it, then.. start searching and present a button to go back to previous sniper action, not select sniper tab and sniper type
-nothing gets live refreshed like in tsm3 i think..
crafting recipes does not change colour difficulty after it changes
amount of possible crafts does not change
etc. only after selecting diff. recipe, colora obly after closing window!
-same for searching for an item, using the gavel and posting the auction (how can you select default posting there for 12h??) and after you post, the item is not visible in the list.. making it very hard to read, if you want to manually post 5 items, in need a lot of focus not to get lost in the current step, if it takes some time..
-sync sales data?
i snipe on one account, seeing (smart)avgbuy on item tooltip on connected account would be awesome
-shopping autocomplete functionality as you type? ideally optional, checkbox
-auction sold - sound setting ??

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