My feature suggestion is...

Filter and Search by Seller Name

Hey Guys,

first, Ive to thank you for this work and good development on TSM.

I miss a crucial function for action filtering / seaching - the search for seller names.

Other Auctioning Addons like 'Auctioneer' are able to do that.
(They missed to handle the realm name, but they applied this function long time ago)

Add a slash command like /seller for filterInfo object.
Or a other function to get all auctions from a specific seller.

I would like to share you my ideas to solve my request but the source of TSM is very big and it will take much time to unterstand how your code is structured and organized, so it would be awesome if you also see a need for this feature....

Thank you in advance

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  • Vageta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There are times when I have noticed that a seller has made a mistake by making their bid price a fraction of the actual items value. This mistake happens on multiple auctions that seller has listed. You can make a huge profit if you bid on these auctions and are patient. I call this method on making gold "window shopping"

  • davidbla commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yes there is no obvious reason to make gold this this search but:

    many sellers try to trick others by posting 1 item at about 20% price.
    they assume others use auto posting features witch undercut them - they'll buy instantly the stacks to sell them later.
    i tracked this at several realmpools and it seems like they use a programm or addon to do so - they are really fast.
    and its just superfluous to use another auctioneer tool to search for seller names or using manual search on sites like theunderminejournal.

    on the other hand it might be interesting to see what others are selling, there is competition in auctioning and it can be useful to get this information.

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