My feature suggestion is...

Add functions to calculate the avg, min and max price of all items in the same group

It would be great if there were new functions:

GroupAvg(), GroupMin() and GroupMax()

The idea of these functions would be that they take one argument (a price string) and apply that pricestring to any item in the same group as the item the function is called for and then calculate the average, minimum or maximum of that.


Here is an example:

Current content raid gear comes in many different variations, many of which are more or less the same, but still treated as different items.

Take "Diadem of the Highborne" for example:

I'll list a few of the different versions (there are quite a few more) aswell as potential DBMinBuyout values:

Item: DBMinBuyout:
i915 titanforged raidfinder - 150000g
i915 titanforged raidfinder + speed - 140000g
i915 titanforged normal mode - 110000g
i915 heroic + indestructible - 400000g

Now, if I were to use "50% DBMinBuyout" as my maximum price for sniper, the i915 heroic + indestrictible version would show up as long as it gets listed below 200k gold, even though there is an i915 titanforged normal mode version (which is arguably the same item) available at only 110k gold. So buying the i915 heroic + indestructible would be a pretty bad idea.

If those three functions were available, I could simply create a group that contains all the different i915 versions of the "Diadem of the Highborne" and set the maximum auction price for this group to "GroupMin(50% DBMinBuyout)".

What this would do is it would apply "50% DBMinBuyout" to all the items in that group. So in my example this would result in this list of prices:

50% 150000g, 50% 140000g, 50% 110000g, 50% 400000g


75000g, 70000g, 55000g, 200000g

the GroupMin() function would then (just like the already existing min() function) return the lowest of these values.

So in this example this would return 55000g.

That way, any of these 4 items would only show up in my sniper results if the item gets listed below 55000g.


But this is just one possible use of this. Giving us the ability to reference the prices of all the items that are in the same group would open up a ton of possibilities and give us much more control over things.


A second suggestion on a similar note that could also do tsomething like this and more:

It would be great if there was an option you can enable for each group that would cause TSM to treat all items in the group as one and the same.

In regards of pricesources this could simply mean that TSM calculates the average value for all the items in the group.

But more importantly, this would enable us to also undercut the cheapest auction out of all the items that are in one group.

So, to get back to my previous example, if I were to buy one i915 "Diadem of the Highborne" that popped up in sniper below 55000g, I would now be able to run a post scan for it and TSM would post my auction at 109999g99s99c, undercutting the cheapest out of the i915 auctions up on the AH, even if I bought a slightly different i915 Diadem.



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  • Cael commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    brilliant idea, consolidation is one of the big missing things in tsm, and I think either consolidation should be done by tsm server side by providing more data source, either by your smart method user side.

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