My feature suggestion is...

Syncing TSM groups and operations via the TSM desktop application

General idea:
TSM Desktop Application would be syncing tab at the top for syncing TSM operations and groups between wow accounts via a primary accounts.

Detailed explanation:
Inside the TSM Desktop Application there would be a separate tab at the top for syncing. TSM would recognize the multiple accounts you have and allow you to do the following:
- Set up a primary account
- The user would be able to select various accounts via check boxes to have them sync to the primary account.
- The synching would export the primary account info (setup, groups, operations, etc.) and import the settings to the selected alternate accounts.
- Upon logging into WoW, the other account’s TSM would now be set up just like the primary account’s.
This could either be automatically done when the user has the TSM do its scheduled backup or, make it manually required via the Sync tab, where it would only be done if the user goes into the desktop app and clicks the Sync button. This could be a premium feature.

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  • Ruan Gravina commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +1 I would really love to see this, I just googled looking for something like this cause i'm having a hard time to have everything working with tsm on two accounts, i had to manually copy the database from one from to the other to be after to have access to crafting costs, which is something that I couldn't get from importing the data.
    All my crafters are in my main account, my secondary is new and mostly likely will only to be used for the AH, the primary one does AH only for a few stuff.

    Again, would love to see this.

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