My feature suggestion is...

Additions to the TSMAPI

- What shortfall are you trying to solve in the current functionality of the addon?

There's a few things I'm trying to do with TSM that requires me to scan the SavedVariables since TSMAPI doesn't support what I'm trying to do.

- What new functionality do you hope to attain with the addition of this feature?

1. A table of items put up on the auction house with their stats (last sold, ammount sold, ammount expired, ammount expired since last sold,...) similarly to TSM:GetAuctionStatsSinceLastSale(itemString) and TSM:GetAuctionStats(itemString, lastSold) wich we can't use.
I am currently splitting, iterating and analysing through: TradeSkillMaster_AccountingDB["r@"..GetRealmName().."@csvSales"] and TradeSkillMaster_AccountingDB["r@"..GetRealmName().."@csvExpired"]
wich is slow and really not pretty.

2. Get the current profile on current character.
I'm using "TSMprofile = TradeSkillMasterDB["_currentProfile"][UnitName("player").." - "..GetRealmName()]" to achieve so.

3. Get the minimum/normal/maximum price of an Auctionning operation.
It's currently possible to get operations of an item or group through TSMAPI.Operations:GetFirstByItem(itemString, module), but you can't go into more details. I currently have to use "minimumPrice = TSMAPI:GetCustomPriceValue(TradeSkillMasterDB["p@"..TSMprofile.."@operations"]["Auctioning"][TradeSkillMasterDB["p@"..TSMprofile.."@groups"][v]["Auctioning"][1]]["minPrice"], itemString)" (and similar for normal/maximum) to achieve this result.

- How would you or others use this feature? (perhaps the most important question - please provide SPECIFIC use-cases)

I use all of this (and more) to automatically know about bad auctions that won't sell when mass posting (with the expired since last sold by sold ratio), automatically sell my items in the "Bad Auctions" group (I prefer that over TSM_Vendoring) sort and rearrange my mogs into different price brackets, know when an item is to low to even be worth auctionning, know when an item has previously sold but isn't currently in a group and (in conjunction with CanIMogIt) automatically sell ungroupped learned mog pieces that are not worth selling.

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